WeBBT 2012

March 20, 2012

The annual WeBBT allows IBBT researchers throughout the country to get together, feel the vibe of the IBBT community and boost their daily activities with refreshed skills. The morning plenary session will give you an update on IBBT's overall strategy and the potential impact for the IBBT research departments and your research colleagues will present their department’s key messages in a vivid way making sure you know where to go to and what to tell in the future! In a nutshell we will also give you a few useful tips to keep in mind for your day to day project activities

In the afternoon you can choose two of the 6 workshops to sharpen your skills: 

    • The Parliament
      Enter the arena and defend or counter one of the research related statements. Your debating skills will be sharpened after this session!
    • Infographic
      Lots of things to tell but little space or time to tell it in? Learn to process and visualize your data in an attractive way! For this workshop we collaborate with Wondergraphs, their web-based software that lets people do beautiful things with data.
    • Brainstormtechniques
      Whether you have 5 minutes to come up with a great concept or a couple of hours to spend, there are brainstorm techniques to support you either way. Find out how to set-up a well structured brainstorm in any setting. This brainstorm is establised in cooperation with Flanders DC,experts in generating ideas & creativity and will be given by Peter Bertels
    • Writing effective abstracts 

      The abstract is the part of a paper that is read first of all and most  

      of all, yet most abstracts are not appealing and easy to read. 

      Learn to write an abstract that appeals to readers and gets the message across. This workshop is given by Jean-Luc Dumont of Principiae, a inspiring coach who is known for audiences to hang on his lips. 

      The clients and audiences of Principiae consist of engineers and scientists, primarily in the research and development sphere in companies, institutes, and universities.  They combine a top-notch business and technical background with acclaimed communication expertise and teaching skills.
    • User-centered demo’s
      However rocket-science your technology, exciting your audience, even if they have a less technical background, is not always easy to do. Learn to pimp your demo and attract maximum attention. This workshop is establised in cooperation with Centre of User Experience of the KULeuven
    • Agile development
      Swamped by TO DO lists that seem to get longer by the day? Working on lots of different projects at the same time and struggling to maintain an overview? Structure & visualize your work through Personal Kanban & innovation games. This workshop is given by Erik Talboom of Agile Minds, a man with rich past as software 'Practice what you preach' is his motto, so in this workshop no leaning back and listening, but establish by experience!

To conclude a networking drink and speed dating might give you the ideal match ;-)