Student entrepreneurship workshops

February 29, 2012  - March 21, 2012  - April 18, 2012

Via hands-on and individual coaching sessions we would like to give you as a student entrepreneur the possibility to learn from the experiences of professionals who will guide you safely through the student entrepreneurship program.

The Student Entrepreneurship program is especially designed for student entrepreneurs.  It is open for every student eager to turn his or her dream, i.e. having your own company, into reality.

There is one catch though: only start-ups whose product/service is ICT related will be considered, since it’s our goal to create a lasting and positive impact on society through ICT innovation. But hey, what business nowadays is not hinging on ICT.

Leo Exter, will guide you through the following workshops:

  • 29/02: Marketing for no money
  • 21/03: Presentations Tune-Up for Startups & Pitch 
  • 18/04: Funding & Valuation

Registration for our workshops is completely free of charge.

Note that we can only allow 15 students for each of these workshops. Although we will make a waiting list once we have reached the total of 15 participants.