SMIT Lecture Series: Media Policy (3/5) - Are we being served? Reflections on Public Service Broadcasting in transition

November 17, 2010

At the edge of a converging digital era, new and old media players alike have to (re-)invent themselves. This is also the case for Public Service Broadcasters. With a view of the renewed management contract for the VRT, the aim of this event is to discuss European Public Service Broadcasters in turmoil. After the opening keynote of EBU director-general Ingrid Deltenre, two distinguished academics are invited to introduce the topic and present their views on possible ways to legitimize Public Service Broadcasters. Prof. dr. Graham Murdock will explore his ideas on the digital commons, whereas Prof. dr. Jo Bardoel addresses the transition from Public Service Broadcasters to Public Service Media.
After these introductions, the Flemish Minister of Media, Ingrid Lieten, academics and the public will enter into a debate on a number of crucial issues relating to the role of Public Service Broadcasting in society and towards the market, the Public Service remit, accountability and financing.