Living lab projects infosession by IWT & IBBT

March 08, 2012


Introduction - Koen De Vos

Menu living labs - Lieven De Marez

IWT - Nico De Blauwe

Leylab - Dirk Osstyn

De Mediatuin - Sven De Coninck

Vlaams Proeftuin Platform - Nicolas Collette

Ready to start your own living labs project? With the support of IWT and IBBT , anything is possible!

The past few years, IWT and IBBT have been investing in infrastructures for living lab research in Flanders. As a result, we now have no less than 3 operational ICT-living lab environments at our disposal (LeyLab, Flemish Living Lab Platform & Mediatuin).

These living labs enable SME’s and large companies to test a new product, service or application through a test panel of end users. Each of them has access to state-of-the-art infrastructure.

During an information session IBBT will present you some tangible cases. Beforehand IWT will explain their financing formula.

What can a company achieve during a living lab project?
Which new financing possibilities are available through IWT?
How can IBBT support you during a living lab project?

One by one questions we will happily answer during our living labs event on Thursday March 8th at IBBT (Gaston Crommenlaan 8 box 102, Ledeberg).