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Friday Food - "IBBT's valorisation & business development opportunities"

Jan 16

IBBT supports business development and valorisation through various instruments, always starting with an "i" ...We have IP management, iStep, iBoot, iVenture, incubation project, .... If you can’t see the wood for the trees, come and listen to our i-plans for 2009 at the new year’s edition of Friday Food.

M. Claire Van de Velde, Director Valorisation & Business Development will give a presentation clarifying all i’s for you.

Friday Food - "Easily Creating Smart Services"

Feb 13

While network operators are wondering how to address the long tail of market niches at low operational cost, and businesses are seeking ways to become real-time companies to their customers and employees, end users are raising expectations for smart, consistent and personalized services in this age of Web 2.0, Telco 2.0 and Mobile 2.0. Yet, there is a big potential for all kinds of service providers, that often lack the technical software skills, to enter their own market niche the “e”-way.

Friday Food - "Reducing complexity of content selection process"

Mar 06

The last years, we've witnessed an enormous growth of online shops, social networks, video & photo sharing services, music sites, etc. This continuous expansion makes the selection process more difficult for the end user, who can only consume a small fraction of the available content offer. The standard keyword based search tools are inadequate as filtering mechanism and do not take personal preferences into account.

Friday Food - "iLab.o"

Apr 03

Living labs are popping up throughout Europe.  In a living lab environment new applications and services are tested by real test users in their own day to day environment.

Friday Food - "Twoddeler & physical computing"

Sep 11

Twoddler is a playful social application for toddlers, connecting them to Twitter, via a physical computer interface carefully hidden away in a Fisher Price activity center. Twoddler won the INCA awards and was created within a Master course on pervasive and mobile computing by Johannes Taelman, Gert Vos and Bart Swennen. What makes Twoddler special is its position on the crossroad of physical computing (involves the use of sensors for interaction, other than the classical keyboard and mouse), social applications and innovative "ubiquitous" interfaces.

Friday Food - "Experience design in IBBT-projects"

Jan 08

During this friday food we want to zoom in on the potential of a parallel design track inside IBBT-projects. This track aims to enhance development of hard- and software in a pervasive world.

Coming from an industrial design background, Pieter Heytens and Dries De Roeck will give a couple of examples of how methods coming from design thinking, experience, interaction and industrial design can inspire and stretch IBBT projects towards a marketable product candidate or working prototype.

Friday Food - "What''s your digital DNA?"

Feb 26

With Digimeter IBBT iLab.o wishes to look into the ‘demand-side’ of media use in Flanders. What kind of media do the Flemish people have at their disposal en how do they use them? To obtain this information, iLab.o questions the Flemish people twice a year, preferably in their natural habitat (on the internet, at the local market, in a pub…). The questionnaire of 2009 resulted in some very surprising answers, totally rejecting some of the clichés of media usage.

Friday Food - "Vlaanderen in Beeld’"

Nov 13

This talk will enlighten the digital media archiving in the 'Vlaanderen in Beeld' project and its predecessor 'BOM-Vl, Bewaring en Ontsluiting van Multimedia in Vlaanderen'. If we want to save audio-visual content for the (far) future, what should we do and how can we open up those archives to the public, educational sector and professional sector? The presentation will highlight the demonstrator results of the BOM-Vl project, with demos from the archive containing about 7500 hours of video content.

Friday Food - "Sensitive World"

Dec 04

DarkMatr is a new media installation in which several ideas are inspired by the 'cinema experience' and the way cinema is made. Through this project the developers wanted to know if they could 'physically immerse' a user of a computer interface into his own research as much as possible. In other words, guiding the user in making his own immersive audio visual environment by retrieving physical, as well as audio visual data, from the net.

Friday Food - "Digital Games, a medium for the 21st century?"

May 08

Since the 1970s, gaming has been slowly but steadily gaining importance as a popular pastime. Recent numbers indicate that around 80% of Belgian teenagers play video games regularly. Even the public view is slowly turning in its favor as ever more diverse audiences are reached and the benefits of using games for training and education become more apparent.