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e-LifeSciences Seminar

Dec 09

A seminar about the role of ICT for Life Sciences addressing the future big challenges such as translational and personalised medicine. The cooperation between ICT and Life Sciences has a significant socio-economic potential which will be highlighted by the presentation of Peter Raeymaekers, Advisor at the Cabinet of the Flemish Minister for Welfare, Public Health and Family. The seminar furthermore highlights a number of good practice examples of ICT applications in healthcare.

eHIP closing event

Apr 16

Saying healthcare delivery systems evolve from pure provider-centric towards a more patient-centric environment is like hammering on an open door. The eHealth Information Platforms project (e-HIP project) has been focusing on a patient-centric, communitywide healthcare information platform as a solid foundation to support this evolution. Its role is to provide secure and reliable access to patient data at the point of care by authorized healthcare professionals, anytime and anywhere.

Mevic: Medical Display QA-Day Educational workshop

Feb 11

The goal of the MEVIC project is to develop a software simulation platform which can be used to reliably determine the clinical performance of a medical system from the standpoint of human perception. The platform will be used to simulate the entire medical image chain: from image generation, to processing, to visualization.

Friday food - "Context based entrance control for software applications"

Jan 26

Context based entrance control for software applications: an illustration in the medical application domain. Some contemporary IT-application domains acquire the enforcement of a subtle and expressive entrance control policy. We illustrate this for the medical domain and subsequently go further into the integration of such policy in software application.