Brokerage Event Green ICT

May 24, 2012

The economic growth necessary to maintain and improve our quality of life, should not damage the environment for generations to come. Since the European Commission has calculated that, without proper policies and actions, the global energy demand will grow by no less than 50% by 2030, better management of our finite, natural resources and energy consumption is required. 

IBBT wants to contribute to a sustainable society through focused research on the technological, social, environmental and economic aspects of ICT services. Not only should the ICT applications themselves become more energy friendly, ICT is also considered to be a “key enabler” to lower our ecological footprint in other sectors.

During our Brokerage Event Green ICT we will therefore offer you some insights on the role and the importance of smart grids, home intelligence and home automation, all topics that effect us in our daily lives.

We will also present the research results of the IBBT-ICON project Smart-E. This projects has focused on the architecture and technologies for smart energy applications and has collaborated closely with a panel of test users to evaluate the effects on their behavior and energy consumption in daily life. 

NIKO NV is hosting this event in their head offices in Sint Niklaas, an architectural tour de force and an example that design and energy awareness can go hand in hand in itself! We hope to welcome you there!

Note: all presentations will be given in Dutch