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Jun 2012

BeMyApp weekend


a BeMyApp weekend focuses on mobile apps development, gathering people with ideas (developers, marketeers,… ). They form teams and have 48 hours to develop their project. Participation is free of charge!


Jun 2012

Training Agile development

This training will give a brief introduction into Agile and lean thinking, what do you need to know (expectations and visualization using the Speedboat innovation game) and depending on the results of the game several topics can be treated (scaling personal Kanban to your team/project, how to keep yourself and others motivated, improvement of meeting culture etc...) 

Please note that this training is only open to members of the IBBT staff, iLab and researchers of the IBBT research groups.

Jun 2012

Interdisciplinary Privacy Course 2012

This interdisciplinary course is part of the thematic training of the Leuven Arenberg Doctoral School Training Programme. The course is mainly aimed at Ph.D. students from all disciplines (either from the K.U.Leuven or from other universities), but also open to undergraduate students, post-docs, people working in industry, or anyone else interested on the topic.

Jun 2012

Pan-European Forum on Media Pluralism and New Media

The new media revolution seems to have overturned many old certainties, yet is that a reality or merely a mirage? Is the technological change matched by fundamental shifts of power and influence, or will the traditional big players continue to wield vast influence? The New Media Forum to be held in the Plenary Chamber of the European Parliament in Brussels will ask these and many other crucial questions, and seek to find telling answers. 

Jun 2012

Benelux Venture Forum

The Benelux Venture Forum (BVF) will allow the most promising Life Sciences, Clean Technology and Information Technology entrepreneurs from the Benelux Region to meet and present themselves to active international investors and corporations seeking investment and partnerships.

Jun 2012

iStart.light call 2012 - a student entrepreneurship funding program

IBBT offers you the opportunity to participate in a special designed student entrepreneurship program and receive funding. This is open to every student who dreams about starting his or her own IT related company.